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Our main business is restoration of wood floors.
We also offer wood floor installation and occasionally we clean, grind and seal stone floors.

We will be happy to help with any of your flooring requirements. We are based in North London.

My name is Arnis Augulis: I am originally from Latvia but have been living and working in the UK since 1998 I have worked with several UK companies specialising in installing and refurbishing wood and stone surfaces, in a very wide range of buildings, mainly with flooring and similar surfaces.

Since 1998, my company, AA Floors, has specialised in the finishing of new and old wooden floors - supplying, fitting, repairing, sanding and finishing to the highest standards.

We are a well established wood floor finishing team, fully experienced and equipped with the finest European floor working and finishing machinery.

We have long experience in using the most advanced modern, and the best traditional, floor treatments and finishes - our close relationships with manufacturers of these timber treatments mean we can match and reproduce any existing flooring - whatever the colour or finish: if you provide us with a sample, we can replicate it.

We are able to apply most types of flooring treatments, for example :- water based lacquers; hard wax oils; solvent-basedand solvent-free high performance finishes.

For creating colour effects and wood staining, we use many different techniques - spirit based stains, reactive stains, aquavintage stains, aquapads, tinted sealers or oils.

Other types of treatment we carry out include: for oak flooring ageing, the traditional method of aqueous ammonia darkening; for wood bleaching we use non-harmful oxygen-based systems rather than acidic or alkaline processes.

If you do not need a complete floor to be refurbished, we can work on small localised areas only - so we can work from a small stained patch or damaged single board or block up to whole rooms and buildings.

We also repair and refurbish all sorts and sizes of timber worktops and tables - we treat them with the best table and worktop sealers and treatments to give exceptional wear and stain resistance whilst keeping the natural 'feel' and appearance of the original wood.

Some of the projects where we have carried out flooring finishing: Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; Tate Britain, London; Royal Opera House, London; Newport Street Gallery, Lambeth; Gagosian Gallery , London; Central Square North, Newcastle upon Tyne; many other public and private properties.

We are not a 'builder' who can 'do everything' - we are a specialist floor finishing team,
who know how to finish wood floors -
Properly. Painstakingly
Carefully. Conscientiously
Beautifully !


One of the more popular trends in hardwood flooring over the last few years is wire-brushed floors. Wood floors are beautiful and textured finishes have become more and more popular. When people plan on sanding and finishing wood flooring, the first thing they think of is the colour of wood. However, colour is not the only thing you should be considering. Another equally important characteristic of wooden floor is it's texture. The texture of your flooring plays a major role in how it will look and feel.

What is Wire Brushed Wood Flooring?

Wire brushing offers a delicate texture to the floor while maintaining its smooth and attractive appearance. Wire brushing process involves pulling out soft grains from the wood surface while leaving the hard grains smoother, giving the floor a textured finish. This helps construct a more durable floor that is able to protect its self against everyday wear and tear.

These days, many flooring companies are offering a wide variety of textured wooden floors pre-made , which you need to install only. When it comes to sand and finish new or old - existing wood floor , many companies found difficult from technical point of view to wire brush or texture wood floor on site. But recently there have been made big improvements for wood texturing on site, there are different grades of brushes available to attach on sanding machines.


The distressed and rustic look of textured boards can make your home feel more traditional. Some people don’t like the plastic, shiny feel of some of these lacquered floors and may opt for boards brushed with oil to avoid this look. You can have the best of both worlds by choosing boards that are lightly sanded and treated with a matte finish. They will still look authentic, minus the textured finish. These floors are great at hiding scratches and damage that can occur with hardwood floors because they will blend in with a finish that is already rough. Textured floors can also have a tactile feel and grip to the surface. The surface of wire brushed wood floors becomes stronger when the softer wood is removed, exposing the hard wood. Once the softer wood is removed, wire brushed floors can withstand more wear and tear because they are harder. Homes with kids, pets and lots of foot traffic are ideal for wire-brushed flooring because new scratches will blend right in!


Due to the exposed natural crevices and nooks, wire brushed hardwood floors are much harder to clean than other options. As a result, it is imperative that you clean the floors regularly so as to prevent the occurrence of sticky areas or chances of compressed dirt.

When it is time to refinish the surfaces of wire-brushed floors, you have to do it with care. When not done properly, it can end up destroying the look of your floors. At AAFLOORS we are happy not only to help with the finishing of wire-brushed hardwood floors but also to help maintain the original texture and appearance of your floors.

How much does wire-brushed hardwood cost?

If the hardwood flooring is pre-finished — meaning manufactured beforehand — the cost will be minimal. However, flooring that's finished on-site results in a little higher cost, since it requires significant manual labor. Wood that's hand-brushed on-site labour cost starts from £ 5.00 per square meter, but it also depends on depth of texture, layout and how big is the entire area.



   Re: Wood floor repairs
The floor has lasted very well especially as it was designed with a somewhat delicate finish for the amount of foot traffic it has to take. Thank you for your excellent repair work and no more scratches to date.
Kind regards,
~ Adele

     Re: Draycott Avenue repairs
I can confirm I am happy with the work that Arnis has done.He has done a great job. Very impressed.
~ John Tristram
Small Works and Maintenance Manager

     Re: Art gallery staircases
I found Arnis professional and efficient. He had a very big job refinishing 3 custom wooden stairs and they turned out brilliantly and in the time I needed them done.
~ Lance Grobbelaar

Re: Engineered wood floor installation
Engineered wood floor installation, sanding and sealing meticulous precise conscientious to the limit produces work so close to perfection that the gods themselves tremble.
~ Thomas

   Re: Wood floor restoration
Arnis was very easy to work with. He came to give a quote quickly and his price was very fair. I am really pleased with the result, the floors look great. He kept me informed along the way to ensure I was happy with the colour. He is clearly very talented and experienced. I would recommend him.
~ Elizabeth
                  Re: Floor restoration
Arnis and his colleague did a fantastic job sanding my main room and kitchen oak hard wood floors.
They looked at the job first and came up with a plan on how to do the work and a realistic timeframe, we also agreed a fair price.
The work was completed exactly as planned and finished job is just as we would have hoped, I would highly recommend.
~ Colin
                  Re: Floor restoration
Recommend! Arnis is very experienced, professional and informative. When approaching our flooring issue, Arnis provided us with a number of options (including pros, cons and prices). Even though he has been in this line of work for many years, his quotes are reasonable and justified.
We will be in touch again soon! Many thanks.
~ Terence
         Re: Floor repairs
After a leak the floor in one area has very slightly lifted. It can be noticed when walking on it and has caused slight gaps between the boards which I am concerned will allow further water in. The area is in the kitchen.
Arnis did a great job in repairing our kitchen floor. He was very professional, clean and prompt. Would recommend to others
~ Mathew B.
      Re: Floor repairs
We've had a Christmas tree in winter with a wooden base, left it on the ground for about a month. After removing the tree we saw a black stain the size of the base on the wooden floor, haven't been able to remove it since.
Since we are renting the place, we won't be allowed to just resand the whole apartment so we're ideally looking for someone that could just do the stain area for a reasonable price.
Job was done perfectly, stain is gone and looks as it was never there in the first place. Totally recommended.
~ Guillaume
      Re: Floor repairs
The handle from my door came off, and has taken a small chunk out of my wooded floor.

Arnis did a fantastic job repairing my floor. He came on time and was a really nice guy. I would recommend him for further job.
~ Kim P.
         Re: Floor repairs
I have oak floorboards in an office area that need sanding and lacquer.

Arnis did an excellent job. My floor looks as new. He was very tidy, organised and explained everything he did. He gave lots of helpful advice. I would certainly recommend him to friends and family.
~ Anita
                     Re: Floor repairs
I would be happy to recommend Arnis for any future job. We found Arnis and his team extremely reliable and professional. He was very punctional in proving a quote and availablility. His quote was reasonable and fair in the amount of work required. He arrived with his team on time every day and worked hard all day to get the job completed within the agreed timescale. My husband and I were extremely happy with the care taken to restore, sand and stain our floor and bring it back to an excellent finish. The job was dust free to our delight and they were extremely clean and tidy as they completed the job ... thanks for all your hard work Arnis ... would definitely rehire you in the future.
~ Gill
                  Repair flooring type: Screed floor
Great communication from start to finish. Job fitted into my schedule and done in the evening when other traders were not around. Great price. Completed the job thoroughly and well and even found some new cracks that I had missed but did not increase the price. All in all a good experience and a job well done.
            Dustless sanding of parquet sitting room & hallway
Arnis is a true craftsman and genius who worked miracles with my old wood floor, leaving it looking stunning and feeling amazing underfoot. His high level of professionalism - all too rare these days - was consistent, always arriving on time, leaving the work site tidy at the end of each day and completing the job to perfection on time at a really great price.

I'd been putting off getting my old parquet floor sanded, gaps filled and resurfaced because of the dust and disruption it caused last time, admittedly many years ago. However Arnis used the latest dust-free system that very few have and is incredibly hard to find, as I had been searching for ages. Still, I was amazed that there was no dust whatsoever from the floor sanding AT ALL. He took great care with my furniture when moving it out to begin work and replacing it afterwards. Arnis made the whole process easy and stress-free for me.

The icing on the cake was that instead of the vague pale wood finish I had requested, Arnis presented me with some colour samples he had made just for my job in the same wood as my floor so I got to choose the precise shade, which he replicated exactly.

Arnis has an impressive knowledge and genuine expertise when it comes to flooring. I'm so grateful to him for bringing my old floor back to life and will enjoy the beautiful finish he created for many years to come. He's also a very nice guy who is a pleasure to have working in your home. I cannot recommend Arnis highly enough.

~ Cindy
            Wooden floors
Arnis and his team are exceptional. The work they did on our floors completely transformed our house. They are incredibly hard-working and professional, and went far beyond what they needed to do to make the experience as good as possible - giving us great advice, and even helping us disassemble and reassemble furniture to clear our rooms in preparation for the job. We are looking forward to them coming back again!

~ Mat & Golnar
         Wire brushed
Very pleased with results! Nice natural white - wash colour and flooring texture is amazing. Pleasure to walk with bare feet.

~ Bogusław


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